Frequently Asked Questions

Read this before you ask/request anything

Answer: There is NO direct download button for any of my tweaks anywhere in my Repo! If you want to download my tweaks, you must use some Package Manager (Cydia/Installer/Sileo/Zebra).
Answer: The best way is to download original app (from AppStore) first, and open it once. Then download a tweak for that app and install it using some Package Manager (Cydia/Installer/Sileo/Zebra). After respring, the tweak should be active.
Answer: There are currently 152 tweaks in my Repo and it is hard to keep them updated. I'm doing my best, but as I have no team behind me (I do this by my own), it could happend, that some tweak isn't working anymore... In that case, if you find out, that some of my tweaks doesn't work, feel free to report it to me using Contact, or Request forms, or on my Discord server, before you make any negative review/comment. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Answer: There are several ways, how you can do it: You can write a review (in tweak description), or you can use Contact form or my Discord server, or if you really like a tweak and/or you want to support my work, you can make a donation. Please, avoid any "false negative/positive" reviews/comments, just because you don't understand, how it works, and don't spam in reviews/requests - it doesn't matter, because I will remove/ignore any duplicated content!