SQLPro Studio (Premium)

by strejda603
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  • Supported Firmware: 14.1 - 14.3
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  • SQLPro Studio (Premium)

    - Enables Premium features

    NOTE: This tweak was tested on iOS 14.2 and 14.3 only!

    License Activation:

    • Open the app
    • Open settings (cog wheel in topbar)
    • If you see "SQLPro Basic" and "Result sets: Locked" rows in "USAGE" section, click on "Upgrade"
    • For License Key use any email (doesn't even need to be valid), and as "License" use any 7-13 alpha-numeric characters
    • Click on "Save"
    • Close the app
    • Reopen it
    • Enjoy!

    App AppStore URL: Download

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Latest changes 1.0.0 17/05/2021
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